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Sword Art Online’s New PS3/Vita Game Unveiled in Video

Sword Art Online -Lost Song- action RPG slated for 2015

Bandai Namco began streaming the promotional video for Sword Art Online -Lost Song-, the third major game in the franchise. Slated for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in 2015, this action role-playing game will tell an original story set in the fictional ALfheim Online game. ALfheim Online appears in the second arc of the Sword Art Online light novel series.

The video can be seen below:

Text: Sword Art Online
Kirito: All right.
Text: The new game begins.
Text: The adventure moves to the world of fairies and magic, “ALfheim Online”…
Text: The stage moves to the sky…
Kirito: A new story of Sword Art Online that begins in ALfheim, a world of fairies and magic.
Text: A completely new story
Kirito: The place where we landed was the legendary continent where light and darkness intertwine: Swart ALfheim.
Text: The lost continent: Swart ALfheim
Kirito: Let’s go! To the sky! A new game is starting!
Kirito: Sword Art Online: Lost Song
Text: In the long-lost legendary continent, a song of light and darkness echoes…
Kirito: This is either the light or the darkness that a virtual MMO left behind.

Source: ANN

  • hi

    why not on ps4?

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  • wellhello

    Why no on pc?

  • Leru

    I hope this will have a possible occulus support 🙂

  • Skjdhdsk

    I need this Dx

    More like 2016-2017 for the West DDDxx

  • sage of 6

    I hope they have character customizations because I love kiri to but I’d rather have him as an ally than be him…

  • Jacklin213

    @wellhello it’s cause they’re saving the best for last, by the time pc version comes out it will be out with full dive haha

  • Me

    why not in ENGLISH Y..Y *tears*