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Psycho-Pass Film’s Full Trailer, Story, More of Cast Unveiled

New visual unveiled for film debuting January 9

The official Psycho-Pass anime website began streaming a new full trailer for the upcoming Psycho-Pass film on Thursday. It also details more of the story and presents a new visual.

The trailer can be seen below:


Woman: A foreign terrorist group that illegally entered the country. There appears to be remnants of the deputy sheriff who escaped three years ago within their brains. Request for permission to investigate outside of the country.
Akane: Yes.
Woman: You intend to handle this yourself?
Akane: I’m more than prepared.
Text: The stage moves to the globe
Woman: The top of management of Shanbura Furoto are part of the Sibyl System.
Nicholas: I am Nicholas Wong.
Akane: There’s no way a Psycho Pass measured in this situation will give a proper reading!
Nicholas: If we don’t get them, they’ll get us.
Man: Return fire!
Soldier: Target found! Identified!
Man: Either be tamed, or give yourself up to the law out of my reach. This was once a choice given to Shogo Makishima, and it caught up to him. The same thing happened with Kōgami.