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Sword Art Online II Anime Mother’s Rosary Arcs Character Designs Released

The official website of the Sword Art Online anime has released the character designs for the upcoming Mother’s Rosary arc, which will begin this Saturday.

The website has revealed new designs for the main characters in the  Mother’s Rosario arc :

Asuna Yuuki – , voiced by Haruka Tomatsu





Yuuki Konno the leader of the Sleeping Knights guild:






Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya – voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka



Mother’s Rosary, is to be aired on November 8th, 2014. Mother’s Rosary is based off of the 7th light novel and features the Asuna’s duel against the mysterious and secretive Zekken for an Orginal Sword Skill.




Source – Sword Art Online Anime Website


  • Who’s the girl in the red and black? Wonder what her sword skills are :/

    • Kuroyumi Tsukino

      You guys are so wrong (except may). Her real name is Yuuki Kyouya, her character name is Zekken. She came into ALO as a mysterious imp swordsman, she said that she was unbeatable. She has a very special sword skill which makes her unbeatable, even Kirito. Her unique sword skill is a 11 hit-combo. Asuna said that she wanted to challenge Zekken. Watch the series then you’ll know.

      • kirigaya

        actually, you are the 1 who is wrong… kirito didnt go full ham on her… cause she is a girl probably… + he didnt use his dual blade skill, if he would fight her like he fought kayaba/heithcliff, it would have been totally game over for her

        • Shinsuke

          Kirito didn’t go full strength against her, but that’s because he isn’t able to go completely serious anymore. Even if he were fully serious and had his image power (yellow eyes), he still would probably lose without his dual weild.

          • Actually, he cannot use any unique skills from SAO, so he couldn’t go dual weild either way. The only reason he holds two swords is because he uses them intermediately, one at a time when they fought the giant to get to Excaliber.

        • Lizabeth

          Actually, the reason that he didn’t go full out ham on Zekken is because he never wanted to have to dot that again unless the game had turned into real life, like in SAO and GGO. Get your facts straight before you go correcting someone else!!! (:

      • Shinsuke

        If I’m not mistaken, her name is not Yuuki Kyouya, but Yuuki Konno.

      • ojsega

        Kuroyumi Tsukino, Kirito if you really know him doesn’t actually fight with girls also according to the comments of everyone including Asuna it was because Zenken is a girl actually if you think Yuuki is a better fighter than Kirito wait for the next episode to unfold. Yuuki also said why she didn’t pick Kirito to help was because he discovered their plans to take on the floor boss. Actually the only character i believe that was able to match kirito in a sword fight is dead and that’s the creator of SAO. If you can remember Kirito also stopped the general of the blazing flame which i know wasn’t among the bunch Yuuki fought.

  • The one in the black and red dress is kirto ._.

    • May

      Lol no !
      Your completely wrong.

  • cheyanne

    maybe its his daughter ?

  • Dylan

    you are all wrong its yui form like the past 20 episodes. The AI from SAO. She is always with them and i guess the creators decided to actually do something big with her like make her a guild leader is probably ALO.

    • May

      LOL all of you guys .. Srsly.
      She’s a new character all together, haven’t you watched the newest SAO episode?
      Her name is Yuuki, also known as Zekken.
      Herp a derp.

    • ojsega

      WTF!!! Yuuki is Yui, who gave you that notion watch the latest episode and stop talking trash

  • I read

    As someone who has read the light novels these ridiculous theories are extremely amusing and nowhere near the truth.

  • A Person

    Do any of you read the light novels?

  • Well that was a fun read,
    As been said, there’s the light novel if anyone is actually interested. It covers a LOT of ground and a better intro as to how Kirito and Asuna met. Not just the mysterious hooded girl thing they had in the series.

    It’s nice to see this arc animated…but it feels like they’re just rushing through everything. 🙁

    • Nameless Dude

      True very true! They just rush through the story like anything in the anime . They could have made over 50 episodes with first SAO.