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The Last: Naruto The Movie Trailer English-Subtitled

Madman Entertainment Australian distributor  began streaming full trailer for The Last: Naruto The Movie with English subtitles on Saturday. The trailer, which debuted in Japan in October 31,features the theme song “Hoshi no Utsuwa” (Vessel of a Star) by Sukima Switch.



Madman Entertainment will open the film in cinemas in Australia and New Zealand on January 17, 2015.

Weekly Shonen Jump and Jump J Books describe the story of the movie and its novelization:

The moon has begun moving closer to Earth! As it is, the moon will crumble and meteorites will rain down on Earth’s surface. As the last days of Earth approach, Hanabi Hyūga is abducted by a mysterious man in Konoha, and Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Shikamaru, and Hinata set off on a rescue mission! Can Naruto and the others overcome this crisis?


Source : ANN