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Attack on Titan: No Regrets Anime’s Promo Previews Last Episode

2nd episode shipping with 16th manga volume on April 9

Kodansha began streaming a promotional video for the second and final anime episode of the spinoff manga Attack on Titan: No Regrets (Shingeki no Kyojin Gaiden: Kuinaki Sentaku) on Thursday.

The video can be seen below:

Erwin: My name is Erwin Smith. How about doing a trade with me?
Levi: Trade?
Erwin: I won’t go any further into your crimes, so enter the Survey Corps.
Text: The spin-off story that illustrates the meeting between Levi and Erwin.
Levi: Fine. I’ll enter the Survey Corps.
Man: We’re starting the 23rd survey outside the wall!
All: Yeah!
Text: Levi entered the Survey Corps as per Erwin’s invitation
Nicholas: There are two things I’m going to have you do. First, is to obtain a certain document. Secondly, to the Survey Corps section commander Erwin Smith…
Farlan: We’ll use the survey outside the wall.
Levi: Just you wait… Erwin Smith…! I’ll kill you with these two hands!!
Text: His first time on the surface, and his first invading titans.
Text: The three put their life on the lines fighting against the titans that attack with no end in sight.
Text: A cruel fate was waiting for them…
Isabel: We’re counting on you, boss! Get that surface residence ticket for us!
Farlan: Levi, we believe in you.
Erwin: The memories of regret will cloud your judgement for your next decision. All that’s left for you then is to die.
Levi: I just don’t know. It’s always been like that. Even if I believe in my power… Even if I believe in my allies’ decisions… The result is… No one…