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Kuroko’s Basketball, Hinomaru Zumō Get Crossover 1-Shot

Main characters to compete in mystery event


This year’s 49th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine will announce on Monday that Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s Kuroko’s Basketball and Kawada’s Hinomaru Zumō manga will get a “special collaboration one-shot” in the next issue on November 9. Fujimaki and Kawada are collaborating on the manga, and Ichirō Takahashi (Kuroko no Basuke -Replace-) is writing the script.

The tagline teases: “Hinomaru’s team and Kuroko’s team!? What will the event be…?”

Shonen Jump describes the story:

It is a divine ritual, a martial art, a combat sport—it’s sumo!!
A “small” new student, Ushio Hinomaru, appears before the weak little sumo club of Oodachi High School! The words “big” and “heavy” are the rules to this sport, which does not fit this newbie any inch, but this guy goes and does what…!?

Ushio and the small sumo club climbs its way to the top!

The goal is *Hinoshita Kaisan!

A fired up high school sumo tale—no retakes allowed!!

*Hinoshita Kaisan – A title for the highest rank in professional sumo, equivalent of Yokozuna.