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Fairy Tail 2014 Anime Ending on March 26 But New Anime In The Works!

Current season of Fairy Tail 2014 Anime will be ending on March 26 but a new anime for the remaining manga is in the works.


This year’s 17th issue of Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine is revealing on March 23 that the Fairy Tail television anime series has a new project in the works. The announcement did not give any more information about the new project.

The first television anime series aired between 2009-2013. The current anime season will air its last episode on March 26, after premiering in April 2014. The anime season had aired an adaptation of the Fairy Tail Zero prequel manga between January 9 and March 11.

This last episode is nothing but a temporary hiatus. Here’s to hoping that Fairy Tail anime will return soon with it’s next adventure!


  • Lakshay Handa

    so anyone have any idea that when will nxt episode will come….as it is not the end nd i can’t wait much

    • Imistu

      Well the first one ended about this time of year…and it went a full year before it came back. My guess is that it will be April 2017

  • romnick

    Oh my :(((
    Please continue the other episodes.. This is one of the best anime I’ve ever seen.. This is the only anime that I can watched and I always waiting for upcoming episodes. But now, we don’t know when the releasing date of the next episodes. I REALLY, REALLY LOVE THIS ANIME because I love my friends too…. Please………continue the story and the adventure of “FAIRY TAIL”….I do believe in fairy…

  • Nhey Kho

    I really love this anime..
    I can’t wait the next sessions.. I always waiting for the next episodes of this anime.. but now, we don’t know when is the exact date of releasing the next episode… I REALLY LOVE THIS ANIME.. I LOVE THIS ANIME, THIS IS THE ONLY ANIME THAT I ALWAYS WATCH AND ALWAYS WAITING FOR THE NEXT EPISODES….. But now, I am sad because I don’t know where to start like Lucy.. Otherwise, thank you very much to the author and to the animator who are creating this anime. Continue to inspired people who can watch your creation and the wideness of your imagination.. I love this anime because I love my friends too… This anime so good, not good but excellent.. πŸ™ Please continue……

  • Zaru

    looks like they are preparing for Fairy Tail Grey i guess is my guess since it’s the one after Fairy Tail Zero

  • Mary Jonalyn Ordanza Macalalad

    Oh please, please, please…..
    New animation please!

  • Kurama

    omg its going to be on hiatus for a year i think

  • JR Ondac

    Ohh, I hope the next animation will be release soon. I felt sad because I really really LOVE AND PATRONIZE this Fairy Tail. I was inspired and learn from them, the value of friends, family and love ones. You know this is the only anime that I can watched and I always waiting for upcoming episodes. But now, when is the releasing date of the next episodes? Ohh pls! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  • Roshini

    I can’t wait for the next series! I hope it comes out soon.

    • Stephon Lowe

      ME TOO!!…………9 months later…..ok r-r-right now I-I-I Just hope it resumes again…..

  • Euniiicee

    It is going to be on hiatus for a year and then come out around April 2017 with avator part.

  • Jari Moeyersons

    damnit its finished saw the last episode today but im happy that it will come back i love fairy tail!!! I hope that they are gonna say when the release date is for the next season that will be alot off fun!! I hope it wont take to long cause i cant wait for a whole year to watch it

  • Chrillo

    Please not another year!

  • Natsu


  • ε₯ˆζ΄₯γ―γƒœγ‚Ήγ§γ‚γ‚ŠγΎγ™

    Please tell me that they will keep making episodes, even in a different series, but with same plot and same makers. PLEASE!!! :0

  • Prajwal sharma

    I requesting you please make fairy tail episode faster until last episode please..I can’t wait..for it……!!

    • Ecchi Goddess

      It wont ……havent you read the feeds? Its seanon ends at ep. 277

  • Natsu Tushar

    please dont end this pls keep making more

  • LuffiAce

    please don’t end this.

  • kiltroy

    maybe… new series comes with the title ‘FAIRY TAIL BEST’.

  • Chess Rockers

    maybe….fairy tail comes with the title “FAIRY TAIL BEST”

  • seto635

    they’re not just gonna ditch the anime like this… ‘specially not if they specifically said that they had plans for more episodes in the future

  • tanish

    do u mean tat, epiosde 277 is going to be the last fairy tail episode for 2016

  • Reena Mathew

    so when does the next episode come out? How long do we have to wait?

    • Pavle β€œMCC” Dzakovic

      Next year.

  • Vanessa Brinerer

    the project could be the new fairy tail movie that should come out soon, ‘natsu dragonize’ or something

  • Joker440z

    I wish they do not stop the anime like bleach!!

    • Jack The Ripper

      they stopped bleach a while ago,,, the anime itself failed so they stopped making it the last episode is like 266 or its 366 i forgot

      • Anatol Gawrzak

        The anime didn’t fail, Tite Kubo didn’t finish the last arc in the manga. The anime itself should resume once the manga is officially finished, which is prognoses for around November-December 2016

        • RheyMarc Alas Depositario

          Like Attack on Titan.. the manga wasn’t completed yet so the wont release an episode

        • Jack The Ripper

          so it is gonna continue? like are they gonna make a new episode just later as you said in couple of months?

          • Anatol Gawrzak

            Yes, looking at the extensive fanbase and millions of copies being sold worldwide, there is no doubt that both fairy tail and bleach will have sequels, it’s just that the anime has caught up to the manga, so they have to wait until the author is far enough ahead to continue without having a situation where you stop in the middle of the season because of lack of source material and end up doing either fillers or just changing the plot and moving away from the original work. So to answer your question, yes, fairy tail and bleach will have continuations but it will take some times, up to 1 year after the end of the season to issue it, just like they did with fairy tail and fairy tail (2014).

          • actionmanrandell

            thats a bit of bullshit. there is enough source material finished that they could have continued it. there is 60 plus chapters after the last episode so thats 60 plus weeks worth of material meaning they could have continued the show without going on hiatus

          • Falcon

            i hope you know that one episode is like 6 chapters

          • actionmanrandell

            wrong average a single episode is a around 2.5 chapters

          • Falcon

            same thing, i was just implying that his 60 chapters = 60 weeks worth of episodes.

          • actionmanrandell

            still even if they use 2 chapters per episode that is 30 weeks of source material . it would take 6 months to show all of those episodes and by those 6 months there would have been 60 more chapters released by then. in other words they didn’t have to stop they could have continued putting out episode after episode and would not have caught up to the current chapters

          • Falcon

            was wrong*

          • Ryaku Hitachi

            Most are 2-3 chapters at most. One piece was going by the panels at one point lol.

          • actionmanrandell

            Nope anime episodes cover 2.5 chapters at most

          • Ryaku Hitachi

            Not much of a difference. It’s in between.

          • actionmanrandell

            even then 60 chapters divided by is still 24 chapters in other words 24 weeks in those 24 weeks there would have been around 60 more chapters already added meaning they would have not caught up to the current chapters

          • Ryaku Hitachi

            SHH. No more. *pets the kitty*

          • Ryaku Hitachi

            Ehhhhh people are too technical. I just round the number so I don’t have to type 2.5.

        • BombyNation

          The last arc is officially finished cause the isn’t a new chapter for more than a month now (maybe 2 month)

    • cool guy

      i believe it coming back in 2017 i heard from some source

      • ?!?!


      • R.E.D


      • Mina

        Yes, that’s what I’ve heard as well. Bleach is coming back. Can’t wait and I really hope they bring Fairy tail back as well. I miss them both. ?

      • yeah you heard some “source”? it’s not official news at all. there is no news on animenewsnetwork about its return.

        • ArcticCaito(TOTS)

          tell me have you seen the end properly ? its made to be continued why else would htey show us the return of Natsu if they didn’t want to continue they would make that episode xD if they wouldn’t continue they wouldn’t have made that episode xD trust me there will be a new season if not i’ll rip my heart out with my bear hands on a live stream but before i do i’ll give you the link to the website πŸ™‚

          • you are missing the point. just because an anime leaves you hanging does not mean it will return. a great example of this is bleach. but since the fairy tail fandom is bigger than that, it will probably come back of course but no one knows when.
            could be in 2018 or 2020 none may know

          • I think they stopped cause the Anime is catching up to the Manga, so they’ll probably wait until the Manga go further ahead, well season 8 will probably be about Lucy and Natsu reforming the Guild which is “Avatar Arc”. Anyways that’s just my opinion so I might be wrong.

          • ArcticCaito(TOTS)

            yeah i like missing the points xD but i watched a few eps of bleach and i went to the store to drink bleach -.-”
            sorry for the bleach fans but seriously i can’t stand it same with naruto i have no idea why it just feels wrong when i watch

          • Dragon564

            Naruto will end but i think making Boruto season?

          • Ryaku Hitachi

            Like this one says, anything could happen.

    • Hans Robert SkjΓ¦rvΓ¦r

      Bleach was so good and then they fucked it up with the spin off shitt… i am glad they canceled bleach….

      • Ryaku Hitachi

        Bleach should just drink bleach. Lol. I hope people don’t take my comment seriously.

  • GabbsterGreen

    I love Fairy Tail just like a lot of other people. It’s an amazing anime. I really hope thay this anime will carry on for more years because its really addictive and AWESOME! Please for everyone, carry on this anime because it inspires everyone πŸ™‚

  • cole

    please kepp going Fairy Tail! #1

  • fans of fairytail

    please tell something new about realeasing date of new adventure please…!!!

  • jimmy

    please make more episodes in this year…why you not working for makeing episodes….

  • ashutosh

    they definitely can’t stop it, but no idea when they are starting it.

  • KeyonK

    I really hope they bring Fairy Tail back soon, this is my favorite anime show!!!

  • Gio Powell

    They left it on a cliff hanger WHY!!!!!!!!

  • Anime Kitty

    did you hear that?


    that was the horrible, tear jerking sound of my heart synging and shattering like glass.

    i’m going to dearly miss my beloved fairy tail… ?

  • Mavis The Fairy

    I think it’s just a small pause like the pause that happened during the grand magic games they are just furthering the manga first before continuing the episodes because they are getting to close to the end of the last chapter of manga that came out.

    • ?!?!

      that cant be right my sister reads the manga and she is realy realy far in the mange much farther then the anime is

      • Reece

        From what I have been told by my friend who used to read naruto manga the way the manga works is dependent on how the company makes it work I believe he said 5-6 episodes in the manga could be one episode in the anime but it depends on how the company set it out. Like I said not 100% sure because this was years ago and I have a really bad memory but I believe it was something on those lines.

  • Trisha Grace Banzon

    ohh noooo please don’t stop FT πŸ™ I would be lonelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :'(

  • natsuEtheriorsdragneel

    when new episodes will come…????

  • Louiegee Umapas

    The latest episode will be release on…?
    gimme some date!!!!

  • cool guy


  • GRUVIA28

    Hi,please don’t end it yet…It was an awesome anime that I’ve been looking forward on it every saturday..plllllllleeeeaaaasssseee let it be more… πŸ™


      hope they wont end it….i too a hardcore fan of it… ;-(

  • jessie

    you have got to be kidding me………… they cant end this awesome anime just like that ….. pleasssseeeeeeeeee bring it backkkkkkkkk…….


      i want this to be continue till i myself die… i want it back really hard

  • Mikkel dragneel

    I can`t wait a year…… FT is my life so I want more FT.

  • Mikkel Dragneel

    FT is my favourite anime ever and I`ve watched 1076 anime in my life. I can`t wait a whole year to see more…..so please make more for 2016. Like most of you here I love FT so whoever said to stop should be knocked out. I hope Hiro Mashima makes more.

  • jeanchar.

    Lol don’t stop fairy tail plss!

  • Kyra Taylor


  • RJ Ronato

    Harhar! another years to wait! another anime’s gonna gone for awhile! the hunter x hunter, bleach even the One Piece will be stop after the fight of doflamingo or after the Bird cage they’ll resume it after the manga be complete! hmm for sure without this big time anime, the anime world will be a little bit boring!
    -some sort of source-

  • Niamh Dragneel

    Please don’t stop I love watching episodes every Saturday and I want the episode when natsu finds the truth about zeref because I read it in the manga! Favorite anime ever

  • kirsek

    first bleach.. now fairy tail.. and soon one piece.. cuz thay ar all near the manga and thay cant keep up :/
    well bleach isnt gonna come back anytime soon πŸ™

    • lord_hikari

      Thank god ft isn’t doing what naruto is by just adding filler arcs

      • jl107982022

        Thing is Naruto’s manga is complete they are just trying to make the anime last as long as possible so they can make money. Actually Boruto Oneshot chapter 1 has already been released.

        • AveryScarlet

          It’s ridiculous how they released The Last Movie and Boruto the movie right before the anime was even close to ending. XD Couldn’t they have done them AFTER the anime ended? Though they tried to prolong it for so long so I can kind of see why….

  • Brian Trinh


  • Sabrino

    I wish they dont stop the anime like bleach

  • Courtney Lynn

    I really like the way they tried to incorporate how the characters feel and how the audience feels about needing FT back together! At least the author, being a family man and having another project he is working on is still trying to meet the demands of FT. I was bawling my eyes out during FT ZERO/ZERA. Great comeback from the Arc episodes that got really….weird. I like Natsu with longer hair! LOL OMG what he did during his “training” is hysterical! Much needed laugh after learning the history of FT origins! Sad to have to wait, but so was Lucy and I think we all can resonate with her on a level the writer intended until the show returns! Loyal viewers will be waiting until then lets keep this big ‘ol FT family together! πŸ˜€

  • Manny David Billones

    wew .. :-/ what going to happen i hope it will come back i
    n 2017

  • John Zaragosa

    please release the new episodes..i am always waiting for the new episode on Saturdays..

  • Medona

    Please do not end this anime. it was one of my firsts many years ago and is still my favourite. the fanbase is large and ever growing. please continue. <3 thanks

  • LovelyLove

    Please keep making fairy tail!! I’ve been watching this anime for years! And I always wait for it! Days and nights! I don’t want it to end! Everyone wants it to continue! It may be hard to make animations! But please don’t stop! This is the best anime I’ve ever seen. Thank you!?

    • bill

      Same! It can’t end:( it’s brought me too many good memories and brought me through so many hard times

      • Ryaku Hitachi

        Try out Gash/Zatch Bell. It’s a very good anime that may cheer you up. Plus it is 151 episodes.

  • Waffle Kun

    i cri ;-; pls come back soon

  • Precious

    I’m reading its manga version and at the same time finished the anime veesion and waiting for the update. Please do not end it like that. There are tonnes of happenings in the manga so please, please..

  • That Guy

    Put fairy tail on hold and continue hunterxhunter or hitman reborn

  • the manga is far from over, there is still much unexplained but all i can say is that it has to do with acnologia. fairy tail manga might not end until 2017 or 2018 at this rate… so many battles and soo many plot twists and new characters. the final arc is far from ending so i suspect the anime is far from returning too

  • the almighty

    they already took away bleach don’t take away fairy tail

    • WallyWalrus42

      Pretty sure they are just taking a brake and waiting for the manga to get further so they don’t over lap later on it will probably resume next year which sucks ass dicks

  • ellen

    More Fairy Tail plsssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Rose Sparo

    Hey untel when it will be like this why natsu not in love already with lucy come on make it in the new enemy in a lovely way of love

  • Thomas

    well i am not gonna wait i was waiting because the anime was coming out every week but now i am going to go read the manga.

  • Jorden

    I heard that fairy tail is starting in December 2016 – January 2017.

  • Ryaku Hitachi

    There will most likely be another season. They have no reason to end Fairy Tail yet. Although, anything could happen. It will probably be out next year.

  • Ryaku Hitachi

    Everyone should try out Gash/Zatch Bell. Has lots of fighting and comedy. The facial expressions are the best.

  • Marco Koobs

    bleach was awsom and it had an nice ending. but realy hope this wil come back soon, stil waiting and waiting. how long do they need to make the new one?

  • AveryScarlet

    I pray that the anime will have proper animation! I mean 2014 was okay… but then they got lazy and the errors became too obvious (mostly the fillers). I mean there were in the original, but you can see that the old animators were improving. Until it caught up with the manga and it was announced not long after by the director on changing animators to ‘improve the quality’. Look how that turned out… >.>

  • Richlee Ann Supetran Amor

    when is the continuation of the last episode? im looking forward to this one. i really love fairy tail. wish it will be aired soon. hehhe

  • ItsukiTachibana

    I wish it would come back jow though.

  • ItsukiTachibana

    correction ”now”.

  • Stephon Lowe

    I hope so too……….btw the manga is great!

  • Andrew Hayes

    there is a thing tho there has been news that attack on titan is defo coming back for a season 2

  • Ayman Qafisheh

    Come back i love this anime it’s me life

  • Dominus

    if fairy tail stops,so does my heart beats!!!