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Dragon Ball Super Anime New Arc Details June 2016

Needless to say, this article contains Super-Spoilers, so don’t read further if you don’t wanna know.

Dragon Ball Super Anime Will Start ‘Future Trunks Arc’ In June



Future Trunks will appear and also, a new enemy named “Goku Black” appeared in story planned by Akira Toriyama.

The official website of the Dragon Ball Super television anime series revealed on Monday that the series will begin a “Future Trunks Arc” on June 12. Original creator Akira Toriyama is plotting the story and designing the new characters for the arc, including Future Trunks’ design (above).

The new arc follows the conclusion of the “God of Destruction Champa” arc. After the end of the fight between universes six and seven, Goku and friends encounter Future Trunks once more. The website asks, “Why has Future Trunks returned to the present again after defeating Cell and attaining peace?” and “Who will be the future’s new enemy?”

Toriyama teased in a comment that the new enemy will be called “Goku Black.” He also teased that the arc will involve both the Gods of Destruction and the Supreme Kai.

  • DelightfulOne

    no way…

    • Will Green

      But didn’t gokou froum trunks timeline die or will this be from another alterntive timeline?>>

      • WHO KNOWS WHAT Sama

        no he didn’t die

        • qt byfar

          goku died in future trunks timeline

          • Jajaja Jajaja

            He did but maybe after the future was fixed from the androids and cell, trunks decided to find a way to bring back the dragon balls to earth maybe with the other nemekians. dragon balls and used them to resurrect his friends. Maybe? Thats my guess

          • Assassin_Flakes

            goku cant be brought back to life with the dragon ball well he can but he will just be alive with the heart virus dragon balls can bring back someone to life in the state they were in before they died and that would be having the heart virus

          • Bonesinnaskinz

            Yeah…. but THAT Bulma is the one who made the cure, so it’s fine.

          • Jajaja Jajaja


          • Jajaja Jajaja

            Yeah, thats true but couldnt bulma just make the antidote like she did in the timeline before that?

      • DelightfulOne

        Maybe is Goku’s evil form or something like that Like Ying and Yang

      • Jajaja Jajaja

        Im guessing that this isnt goku. This is an evil version that could have come from outer space or something? We can only wait for the real answer will

  • BlackJ250

    goku black? this story sounds more like a fan request email.

    • Art Vandaley

      not really u pessimist. sounds more like a well thought conclusion to the super saga considering ever new character is based on a equal opposite circumstantial universal twin. makes perfect sense

    • Boras

      It’s how you think about it. Goku black sounds like a fan request to you, but it could actually be a very interesting arc.

  • A PRO Gamer

    sooo basicly evil goku???


    common toriyama don’t be so influenced by fans


    common toei don’t be that much influenced by fans i mean this is a kind of story mostly seen on fan videos on youtube

    • Boras

      You’ll take your conclusions to fast by only seeing the title. This arc is going to be awesome

      • Jajaja Jajaja


      • Wade

        I’d really like to see Vegeta be the one to save the day this time. He was never able to defeat Goku, and that was because Goku always pushed himself past his own limits. It’d be great to see Vegeta surpass his own limits as well, not for selfish reasons, but to save everyone. I think he would really redeem himself.

  • Maknusia

    hope he dont make Goku black as a permanent villain…sigh

  • Suriya


  • Nickybaby


  • OyxiaxD

    I wish they’d make a clean slate for Dragon Ball. Give a story for Trunks or Goten or for their children so that there wouldn’t be all the current characters alive anymore. Shit’s getting too UFO and high scale

    • Yoeri Khyrian Jonker

      Maybe they should even dig into the time between Goku at the age of 13 and 18. Release special time periods that have been overlooked. I miss Dragonball OG

    • GreatWyrmGold

      Given how characters’ power seems to be escalating every generation, I’m not sure that would help much. I mean, Gohan as a kid was much stronger than kid-Goku, Goten was stronger than Gohan was at his age, and Pan seems to be on her way to exceeding Uncle Goten.

  • Aditya Narayan

    Goku black??? Is he like a copy of goku but just evil???

    • Venom

      He’s just black! Like black ?

      • Vegetasan

        yeah, but if he gets mad he transform into white ๐Ÿ˜€

        • enzo

          racism is OVER 9000

      • Yoeri Khyrian Jonker

        Lol.. and if he goes God mode he becomes Infra Red

    • Jajaja Jajaja

      That would be my guess

    • Yoeri Khyrian Jonker

      My guess it’s kinda like Shadow Sora? A special replica of Goku from the Netherworld?

      • Norm

        PRobably trying to steal all the fried chicken and kool aid from Future Trunks timeline.

    • Goku Black sounds like the Black Goku fan drawing that came about years ago around 2000 era.

    • That Guy

      Just because he’s black he’s evil… How naรฏve

      • Joshua Sumer

        Don’t you mean African American.

        • korkie

          he think he means nigger clearly

          • Josh

            Clearly you took a joke too literally.

      • brian tokarski

        You mean how for centuries white and black has been referred to as good and evil? You would try to make this about race, ya clown. Its a cartoon, try to get that sand out of your vagina.

    • aj

      WHAT if future trunks is from the 6th universe after earth got put there for champa and not from this original universe

      • Bryan Solorzano

        no because universe 6th trunks never existed because earth was destroyed in universe 6th so vegeta never met bulma so future trunks is from universe 7 but his earth is in universe 6 so same trunks.

        • sureeb

          but remember beerus wished back the earth from universe 6 so maybe as the time went by vegeta and bulmas paths crossed

  • m7md g4mer


  • dtatum

    wellll.. as you guys remember beerus did wish on the super dragon balls for “Champa’s desires”… if so what if he “desired” more then just having a copy of universe 7’s earth? think of that any one??

    • Jajaja Jajaja

      I dont think beerus wished for champas desires. I think it was only for there to be an earth for his universe. Just a thought. ??

  • foyz

    it might be karkort if they are mistaken

  • RcDaSSGod

    Is trunks a SSGSS in the future because if he is how did he make it to that power level.

    • TheIndianGamer RMS

      He’s not. His hair’s blue, because Toriyama made the conscious decision to change both Bulma’s teal hair and Trunk’s purple hair to blue… for some reason.

      • Nordlys

        I don’t think his hair will be blue. Look also at this drawings with blue haired kid trunks

  • Maknusia

    so there wont be any rest of the universal tournament?

    • PulloGorko102

      what does that mean? The Universal Tournament may happen after the Trunks saga….

  • Joe West

    Man cant wait for the trunks arc and when is gohan going to get stronger and become one the main charaters again

    • Niko

      Much better anime, when Goku is main ( and strongest )

  • Woah+++

    Y not make a story line for kid trunks & goten?? They obviously could easily become tha strongest of all tha z fighters since they 7 & 8 turning super Sayain as to wen goku & vegeta was a grown ass men ta finally turn super Sayain & gohan was practically a teenager.. So y not make a story line for kid trunks & goten?

    • Bonesinnaskinz

      Cause they’re lil bitches. And Gohan has WAY more potential if they let him. Ban kicks goten’s ass when she’s five. Cannon.

  • Helder Rosรกrio

    do you guys remember that goku on DB series was ferocious and uncontrollable and on an event he felled down and hit the head on a rock and became a good kid? maybe this black goku didn’t hit with the head nowhere…he crashed on earth like goku but he continued to be a bad kid…and afterwards it was him that destroyed the earth of the other galaxy…just a tought

    • Scott Baker

      you forgot future trunks goku was peacfull and dead so it makes no sence for there to be a second goku unless BLACK GOKU came from a time line he never hit his head in but that would not make sence either because earth would be dead and no time machine

      • GreatWyrmGold

        Time paradoxes don’t seem to be a thing with how DBZ handles time travel. I mean, once Cell was defeated, there was no way Bulma would have made a time machine (or Trunks would grow up the way Future Trunks did), which means Future Trunks couldn’t travel back in time, which means Goku would die of a heart attack virus, which means 17 and 18 would kill everyone, which means Trunks would go back in time…
        Team Four Star correctly identified this as the multiverse model of time travel. What happens in one timeline, stays in the timeline.

    • Yoeri Khyrian Jonker

      Makes sense since there was no Earth. AND they just created a new Earth. Maybe Goku black is that alternative timeline Goku

    • GreatWyrmGold

      And he’s called Black Goku because he never turned Super Saiyan, so his hair is always black.

  • Sachin Nikam

    ohhk so this goku black will have White Hair…

    • GreatWyrmGold

      Oh, so he’s from a universe where Baby won?

      • BluuuN3XuS

        Baby isn’t canon in DB Super, so he doesnt exist.

        • GreatWyrmGold

          I know, but you have to admit–he does turn Saiyan hair white.

          (And you never know. I mean, the idea of a race the Saiyans nearly destroyed coming back for revenge does have some potential, as do several ideas present in GT. I hope Toriyama doesn’t discount ideas just because they happened in non-canon material.)

  • Gavin Brown

    Maybe this Goku Black is from universe 6 in trunks’ alternate future (or one of the other universes)? Hence the need for Beerus, Champa and Kai Shin to take a big role in the new arc maybe. Perhaps, this Goku Black found a way to cross the dimensional threshold and into the current timeline similar to Future Trunks. And if he is as strong as/stronger than our Goku was against Hit, then no wonder the Gods of destruction are to be involved

    • GreatWyrmGold

      How does the interaction between time travel and multiverse work, anyway? Does every universe have its own set of timelines, or does every timeline have its own set of universes?

      • Gavin Brown

        Could be either-or. As they say in Star Trek about time mechanics: “Don’t think about it, it will give you a headache” Or something to that effect

        • GreatWyrmGold

          But I like to think about how things work in fictional universes! A consistent, logical set of mechanics gives the world more verisimilitude, and gives me something else to think about when I’m bored.

          I honestly don’t know why I like (parts of) the Dragon Ball franchise. It’s practically the opposite of my usual tastes.

  • Giankee KC Bustos

    First of all trunks came to the past to save goku of his sickness he had the antidote to save goku so he couldn’t be dead in the future maybe black goku it’s he’s twin brother hahah idk I’m jk!

  • Yoeri Khyrian Jonker

    That WOULD be a good idea. We need something mindbending

  • Ben

    There is an other universe freeza. why not goku? maybe he destroyed earth and has been training in otherworld and got wished back along with the earth.

    • 11

      This makes great sense

  • Charvey Surriga Loquinario

    maybe some bad guys wish to the dragonballs that to create a evil powerful goku!

  • GreatWyrmGold

    So, we get another month of filler?

  • RcDaSSG

    You should watch the ssj9k videos. That stuff funny

  • Seif

    probably Goku black is from universe 6 he could be the one who actually destroyed the planet in the first place.

  • BluuuN3XuS

    I have a theory. Xeno- the Omni-King is going to be involved. And since Trunks barely manges to escape with his life (according to an ACTUAL interview with Akira Toriyama) maybe this is the work of Towa and Mira or maybe someone else messing with the timeline again, since a strange “Black Goku” has been announced. Maybe its a future evil Goku twisted by the villains? Also does the word Xeno sound familiar, Xeno- the Omni King? = XENOverse? Maybe with the release of Xenoverse 2 (which has been announced) maybe this will be in the game!!!

  • Dylan Semple

    I have a feeling this arc is going to tie in with Dragon Ball Xenoverse and have something to do with Towa, Mira, and Demigra. Just my opinion though

  • GreatWyrmGold

    If Trunks comes from a future which wasn’t devastated by 17 and 18, why would he have a sword? I mean, it’s not impossible that he would be into HEMA or something, but it seems simpler (and, hence, more likely) to assume that a remarkably popular character is being brought back than to assume a version of him from a different timeline with some suspiciously similar characteristics is showing up.

  • Syed Mazhar Mehdi

    the thing i feel is like the beerus wish for champa earth to apper again with living things.so there would be another goku which is bad because of the tail or any other reason.and i feel like the destruction of 6th universe early was also by goku.
    well its just my thinking..

    • pat

      uni 6 saiyans werent evil so goku would never have been sent to earth in the first place

    • TheRealChapo

      The universes are not like parallel universes. There would be no Goku or Vegeta in the universe 6th. Goku Black would be due to the super water thing from planet Potaufeu which takes the victims energy and reincarnates them (from ep44).

  • buk lao

    babidi comes to revive Buu. i think its safe to assume that trunk reach SSJ2. trunk revived goku and others to help him. since goku of the future dies by the android, theres a chance he grown hate in his heart seeing his friends and family dying, babidi take over Goke. Enter 12 inch long (black) goku

  • bluepanda

    10 years in and the goodness continues! Never let it end Mr. Toriyama ?

  • aj

    WHAT if future trunks is from the 6th universe after earth got put there for champa and not from this original universe where everything is a bit different

  • Ahmad Kashif

    Hey i think i t will be from 6th universe eath

  • Ahmad Kashif

    Because beerus wished to reconstruct 6 th universe earth

  • Peter

    Goku black is the black version of Goku ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Karan Venkat

    Maybe, this is the reason beerus wants goku to be stronger.. what if beerus dream was about black goku?
    And he want goku to get stronger to fight against black goku….

  • Med Nour

    Goku black .. racist haha xD

  • Bilal Ramzan

    Is Goku Black new transformation of Guku or is it a new character in DBS.

  • Akash Nirmal

    So That Mean Gohan is also going to be fight in that or not

  • Syed M Aurangzeb

    future trunks what ever why isn’t bula in the dragon ball supere

  • Terrance McMillion

    I dropped this for Gravity Falls

  • Dragonball Super TV

    Goku isn’t really black. He is just evil. Look at his grin at the picture. No racism is in any way involved here

  • Efe Hare

    dont worryyyy its just a blackarrot ๐Ÿ˜€ and its gonna be xenoverse arc like ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Stev

    Goku black could happen like this so goku need porta fusion so champa gives him the universe 6’s kai-o shin’s earrings so goku puts one on then champa shoves the other one on and it courupts goku

  • Stev

    Maybe goku gets posesed by evil porta

  • Stev