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Dragon Ball Super Episode 50-53 Titles Revealed

Gojitaaf on facebook has leaked the titles for upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super. The following image shows the titles and the translation for them are as follows:

Episode 50 – July 3: Son Goku vs Black!!

Episode 51 – July 10: Mai’s Feelings Across Time

Episode 52 – July 17: Gohan & Future Trunks

Episode 53 – July 31: Revealed! Black’s True Identity

Note that this reveal tells us that Dragon Ball Super will be on break on July 24.


  • torcur

    No Comments?! We finally seeing Gohan make a come back

    • Suriya

      sooo true!!

    • jan kooiman

      Or he will watch the fight and that’s all 😂😂😂

      • William Doe

        That’s my guess, he won’t get involved, and even if he did. He’d get his ass beat down by Black Goku. I hope Toriyama does plan to make Gohan at least semi relevant as a fighter again in Super though, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t sadly.

        • Justin Lan

          He will, he already set it up..For starters, Gohan was supposed to be the main character, so he will always be around..And gohan asked piccolo to train him again..Gohan also still has his mystic power, so he still has the potential to be as strong or even stronger than Goku, he would just have to train a lot to get back to that point

          • William Doe

            Though the question is, a fully powered Mystic Gohan be as strong as SSB Goku or Vegeta. Most likely not. But I would like to see if Gohan can get close enough to that level somehow.

          • Andrew Sandstrom

            With the way that Beerus man-handled majin buu? I doubt it lol.

    • Fey Zahira

      gohan is future trunks’s teacher, so.. maybe this chapter just showing their bond and chemistry, not a battle..
      just their story.. 🙂

    • Timothy Rodowicz

      That episode is probably them talking about the training from Kaioshin and Trunks wondering why he didn’t get the mystic power that Gohan did since they both had the same training with the sword. So Gohan says well I broke it open and this old dude came out. So Trunks breaks his sword and the old dude pops out and gives Trunks the mystic power.

      • Sanz-o

        Trunks’ sword isn’t the Z-sword but was given to him by Tapion in one of the movies

        • Timothy Rodowicz

          You know the movies never technically happened, right? Trunks’ original sword broke on android 18. He received training from Kaioshin to fight against Dabura and Babidi so the logical conclusion is that it is the Z sword.

  • “Episode 50 – July 3: Son Goku vs Black!!”
    So, in the Episode 49 preview, we see Black Goku appearing, which mean that part will happen at the very last part of episode 49 <_< which also means Goku vs Trunks might take a whole episode

  • idk

    I’m guessing “Episode 51 – July 10: Mai’s Feelings Across Time” is a filler.

    • Ko Ki

      omg you fucking idiots how cant you understand dbs dont have fillers and wont have any omg kill yourself pls

      • Its_So_Dense

        *coughs* Superhuman Water *coughs*

      • Recruiter ML

        dont cry just an anime and not fully Japanese this time..

      • superpro

        They don’t understand what “filler” even means. The anime is ahead of the Manga so can anything on it be filler? Not to mention the Manga and the Anime have some differences in how things play play out, not big ones but noticeable ones.

  • Mustafaovoono

    why the pause after episode 52???

  • Syed Mustafa Adnan

    OMG more exitingg

  • Fey Zahira

    i guess black true identity is future Goten.
    Goten who dissapoint with future condition, grow up with anger and black energy.
    Goten also hate trunks, who made his brother die.

    • bobwisely

      That’s quite a long shot….. Highly doubt Black is Goten.

    • Some people just don’t give up. But not a bad theory.

      • MizzDr Biggest Fan

        The timeline has been change and alter remember the butterfly effect; plus even if Goku got ill still (which didn’t) Chi Chi was two month pregnant at least when Goku was suppose to be ill (in May the same year) Goten would still be born.

        • But that’s not Goku.

          • Abc

            Black has ear ring stupid peoples which means he is a fusion like kais

          • BunnyGamer

            But all Potara fusions shown so far have two earrings, and Black has one.

          • MizzDr Biggest Fan

            “Revealed! Black’s True Identity”; Notice they didn’t put Goku Black. Black’s body or hair doesn’t even matches up with Goku. We know it’s not Goku so Goten is the only person that looks close to Goku

          • Maverick C. Lampano

            Goten doesn’t exist in the future! -_-
            Goku is dead a long time ago on that timeline!

          • Jaydoesminecraft Bor

            It cant be Goten because You can’t hold a baby inside of you for 3 years. Thats how long between Goku dying and before the Androids show up, SO NO GOTEN

          • Maverick C. Lampano

            Only one earring loL.
            Kais have earrings but it doesn’t mean that you’re automatically a fusion individual.
            Great King Kai and Kibito had already have earring even before they fused -_-

        • cchiu23

          nope, goku in the timeline we watch fell sick LATER than the future trunks timeline

          the goku in trunk’s timeline fell sick much earlier and goten was stated to be conceived shortly after the cell games (and our goku trained for 3 years too)

          • Leon-Junior Duister

            The reason why goku got sick later then trunks said is coz when trunks came back he defeated frieza and king cold which was supposed to be gokus fight n coz him to get sick faster since he never had tht fight it caused him to get sick later

        • frescobar

          your ava is fine, your theory isnt 🙂

        • jan kooiman

          why do you have a profile photo of you ass

    • McShifty

      Goten was never born in the future timeline

      • MizzDr Biggest Fan

        The timeline has been change and alter remember the butterfly effect

        • McShifty

          Yeh, but no I don’t think it’s that.

        • Kurl Solm

          Fuck the butterfly effect, this is multiverse theory dumbass bitch.

        • Kurl Solm

          You should give up on goten theory, this is a multiverse theory, stop acting like a child

    • Scott Paul

      Black can’t be Goten, the future timeline Goku died so Goten was never conceived. I doubt he’s a saiyan at all, all keeps saying “you saiyans” like he isn’t one even though he looks like Goku

      • Ra1d

        I’m not saying it’s Goten, but it can be, it doesn’t matter that Goku died, since this guy has a ring of time on his finger which he can use to travel to any timeline/universe.

        Also we don’t really know when Goten was conceived, it had to be probably like a month or 2 before the Androids appeared, since after that Goku was sick and after he recovered he spent shit ton of time in the time chamber, so I don’t see any gaps he could use to impregnate Chi Chi.

        • superpro

          Goku and Chi-Chi made Goten during the 9 days of “free time” they had before the Cell Games. That being said future Goten cannot exist in future trunks’ time because Goku had already been dead for nearly a year by the time the androids showed up, and Goten wasn’t there nor was Chi-Chi pregnant.

          • pskunt

            this right here is the correct answer to when goten was boinked into existence.

          • MizzDr Biggest Fan

            Chi Chi was pregnant for at least 2 months before Goku was suppose to be ill and die (In May), Goten was born the same year. The timeline has been change as well so Goku lives past that death in the future

        • Daplayer2k7

          Goten literally cannot be alive in Trunks time line.
          it’s already been proven that he can’t

          • MizzDr Biggest Fan

            The timeline has been change and alter remember the butterfly effect; plus even if Goku got ill still (which didn’t) Chi Chi was two month pregnant at least when Goku was suppose to be ill (in May the same year) Goten would still be born.

          • Kurl Solm

            If you still believe about Goten being black goku, then toriyama will laugh at your face

        • BerndtJK

          In the manga, it was said Goten was born shortly after the Cell saga.

      • MizzDr Biggest Fan

        Chi Chi was pregnant for at least 2 months before Goku was suppose to be ill and die, Goten was born the same year. The timeline has been change as well so Goku lives past that death in the future

        • Jaydoesminecraft Bor

          No… That not how it works again, Goten was not born in those years Goten was born in the days of the Cell Games… So no… Plus the 3 year Gap between Goku’s Death and Androids. Also, This person isn’t even fused because he has 1 earring, and he kept saying, “Saiyajin” As though he isn’t a Saiyan so it can’t be Goten

    • pskunt


    • BobbyJay

      I actually agree with this theory.
      Theory: “The Future Trunks Paradox”
      Timeline: DBZ
      History of Trunks: Goten does not exist because of Goku’s death before the android saga.
      Android Saga/Cell Games: Trunks saves Goku which spawns Goten in this time frame
      Free the Future: Trunks returns to his own timeline where Trunks reunites with his mother. DBZ Future Trunks no longer exists anymore.
      DBZ Ends
      The “show” goes on.

      Timeline: DBS
      Kid Trunks grows up alongside Goten.
      Trunks goes to the past his first time (possibly the last) to warn everyone else of what he believes to be Black Goku

      Just my $0.02 And i’m sure i’ll anger the F#$! out of someone with this theory but that’s what they do sometimes.

      • BobbyJay

        Actually NVM.. this new Trunks contradicted this theory in the recent episode of how he fought Babidi and Buu by himself.. This all confusing as hell.

        • JIM

          he didnt fight buu, he fought debora the demon king. and its not goten

      • MizzDr Biggest Fan

        Chi Chi was pregnant for at least 2 months before Goku was suppose to be ill and die, Goten was born the same year. The timeline has been change as well so Goku lives past that death in the future

        • cchiu23

          this makes no sense, there was a gap of three years between trunk’s first appearance and the androids and goten was conceived shortly after the cell games

          are you telling me chi chi was pregnant for 3 years? ridiculous

          also in trunk’s timeline, gohan was already an adult so it takes place like 10 more years into the future and goten would have made an appearance (but he was never born in that timeline)

      • Leon-Junior Duister

        I have to disagree in this case goku asks trunks what are doing back in the passed again so meaning its the same trunks from futher in the future but where the story line intertwined was were mai is trunks’s meaning that it suggests a difference timeline but i would say black is a kai fusion but it might be someone who fused with goten hence the same features but most a mirror image of goku

      • Yo

        Wrong. Future Trunk’s timeline would not be effected. Only the timelime he travel back to would have changed.

    • DrimMan

      well if you see his earing its the same one that can combine 2 people so i feel like it could be goku or one of his kids that merged with someone then tried to un merge but made them evil somehow

      • shehryar

        He is the captain ginyu

      • Leon-Junior Duister

        Technically when they use the the earings to fuse they cant go back 2 being 2 people the reason why the fusion ended in z was the energy inside buu was kia energy which cancelled the kai fusion as fat buu used to be the original supreme elder kia

        • Illdiaze

          Kibito Kai defused apon teleporting to much. Because of super using to much energy can cause a defusion

          • Ty

            Kibito Kai undid the fusion by asking Porunga. They said that during the universe 6 arc. Vegito’s case was different, but had nothing to do with teleporting or anything.The potara fusion makes you a completely new person and there’s no time/energy limit on the fusion.

          • Illdiaze

            I guess it’s different between the manga and anime in the manga it was due to teleporting too much.

          • Marvin

            The manga is basically its own thing. So the anime follows more of Toriyama’s idea because the manga writer always asks Toriyama when he wants to change things (like in the manga we see Super Saiyan Red during the Hit fight).

    • BloodiestCODY

      Goten was conceived during the wait before the cell games. In future trunks’ time Goku died before the androids showed up therefore Goten does not exist in that timeline.

    • TheBlackGohan

      Ok if I belive that this is gotten then according to you he hate trunks because trunks made his brother die then why the fuck he fought goku also they never show goten in the movie history of trunks or in cell saga when trunks tell his stroy

      • Jaydoesminecraft Bor

        Its not Goten because it was 3 years between the death of Goku and the androids showing up… So no Goten

    • Frescobar

      guez you just started watching dbs, Goten doesn’t exist !!

    • Samuel Velter

      first of all, if goten really grown up on rage he would have became a ssj,not a black aura normal state

  • Wwe Champion

    A scene where Black sees Beerus would be awesome.

    • Maverick C. Lampano

      I think Whis and Beerus knows him? Maybe he’s one of the former Gods of the 6 wiped out universe.

      • Wwe Champion

        What if he’s a God of Destruction ahhaha and Goku manages to beat him.

        • Maverick C. Lampano

          Nope that’s not possible.. Black recognizes Beerus sama after he landed successfully in the Present timeline.
          He also told Goku that
          “I also wanted to fight you in this body.”
          It means that it’s not a fusion. Why?
          Fusion characters voice are also fused.
          Black has only has a voice of a single entity.

          I wonder who is that individual who’s using that body of Black?

      • Andrew Sandstrom

        I thought of this too. Dragon Ball Super isn’t mentioning things off-handed that don’t have any role in the story-line.

      • Theory sucks

        What if he’s the sayan God that beerus had a vision of

        • Maverick C. Lampano

          Nope the original Super Saiyan God was already dead a long time ago.

  • Abishek Kalai

    What if Black is an android..I know its impossible but it sounds good right

  • Look what I found! DCgems.drop

    i think a baby like creature named black went into goku’s body after reviving him with the namekian dragonballs.the evidence is that when baby went into vegeta bidy he called himself baby

    • Maverick C. Lampano

      baby is not present on Super..
      Super has a different timeline/story.
      Baby is from GT.

      • Travis

        Baby LIKE creature.

  • Maverick C. Lampano

    I think Black Goku
    is either a God of Destruction or a Kai from one of the 6 wiped out universe.
    Of course he is a former God so even Zeno destroyed his universe he has still the right to live.
    I think Black is one of the 6 Gods who revolted against Zeno.
    There’s a tendency that he still want to destroy planets..
    As Whis have stated on episode 49 even the Gods can easily travel through time. Black travels through time via his Time Ring.
    So it’s possibly that Black is really a God or a Supreme Kai.
    About the Kai theory, who knows hes a God/Kai fusee hello! potara earing is not there by accident. Zumasu will now enter the story..

    • Wwe Champion

      He is a Kai because it is shown in the intro video.We will find out the rest of the history in the next episodes.

      • Maverick C. Lampano

        yeah another week to wait hahaha
        nope it’s still 50/50 the green kai is not confirmed as the same entity of Black.
        Maybe they are related somehow..
        why goku only has 1 earring which is supposed to be two?

        • (Face) Donald Trump

          Because trust me if theres a black goku theres a black vegeta

          • Andrew Sandstrom

            That’s a great sentence. A wonderful sentence. I’m serious. Just trust me. It’s great!

          • Maverick C. Lampano

            haha that’s cool! Then theres super saiyan white

    • Saw this weird video I dont know how but this guy knew about Goku black back in April not only that but in this video it is stated that Goku black was created to kill the king of all, it also stated that they are from the 13th universe yes a demon realm so to speak found the video on Youtube on Saturday night couldn’t believe it

      • Maverick C. Lampano

        it can’t be…why?
        the demon realm is from an another dimension or opposite one.
        but its not one of the 18 original universes

        • Look for yourself its kinda corny but still just look at how black goku explains where he is from there is also a mai kaioishin etc check it out though and how did this guy know on the 16th of june


          • Maverick C. Lampano

            what a good theory.. hahaha
            Demon realm is not of the 6 former universe. I’m pretty sure of that.

          • Hmmm whatever you wanna call it but yes a universe made for the evil gods instead of destroying them hades, hell, underworld realm, demon world yeah thats the one

  • Maverick C. Lampano

    There’s a place called Demon Realm who happen to have Supreme Kai.
    who knows? Black is from the opposite universe..
    check the description of the Demon Realm.. dragon ball wiki.

    • superpro

      Those are Makaioshin they are the opposites of Supreme Kais, I have been saying that the Green “kai” probably is one of them.

      • Maverick C. Lampano

        Green Kais are not one of them. So the Kais from the 6th universe which are color Green are Makaioshin?

  • (Face) Donald Trump

    When is episode 50 out

  • Gatiha

    Black is not Goten. Trunks explained in the android saga on his second trip to the past that each frame of time has its own timeline and that he was affecting the present timeline alone and not his. This is also confirmed when Trunks goes back to the future and defeats the androids and cell. This means Goten was never born the in future timeline.

    If it is written that Black is Goten then that is a pretty damn big plot hole. But guys, the correct theory is in the Earring that Black wears. It looks awfully familiar doesn’t it 🙂

  • Shane Z

    The black dragon balls was used to revived Goku

    *now imagine*

    hahaha just my 2cents

    • Kurl Solm

      That black dragon balls was on GT and GT never existed on Super

  • Just guessing

    Is there any chance it could be the guy beerus had a vision of that he’s supposed to fight

    • DakotaJ

      That actually makes a lot of sense. I think a lot of people have forgotten about that dream/premonition…

    • Kurl Solm

      No hes not that one, you remembered beerus’ dream but you forgot to remember he said Super Saiyan God not black, nor kais

  • Sahir ahmed

    It is not goten it can be ginyu

  • Khaled Sanadidi

    Well some poeple said that it cannot be gotan cuz he was not conceved but thing of what whis said about time travel, if you go back and changed one tiny thing the futer will be changed dramatically! So when trunks came back and saved goku, goten would be conceived and black goku csn be goten!
    Still a theory but based on what Whiss said in this episode

  • Mosa Charles Jacobs

    My theory is based on the fact that Black Goku has the same earring as the supreme Kai, which is only given to deities. So perhaps Black Goku is the new god of destruction.

  • Richard

    Yea, some people have been saying this but Goku Black is probably the god of destruction who replaces beerus in the timeline, if you remember whis and beerus offered goku god of destruction cause beerus was getting old. Maybe Goku Black is from another universe and is similar to goku, and is from an alien race that is similar to the saiyans. Although blacks base form is slightly stronger than super sayian 3, if he is similar to goku, than he probably has many different progressively stronger forms also like goku, making base form black at least as strong as super saiyan 3 goku, which is pretty impressive at base form. He probably will have many other stronger forms which will really challenge goku and force him to super saiyan god. Another theory of mine is that he is a shapeshifter of a sort and that he used his time ring to travel to the z fighter universe and saw goku as being the stongest one and basically assumed his form and abilities. If he really is a god of destruction, that would also explain the pointless planet destruction.

    • Kurl Solm

      He said a kai would not look like goku, so A GOD will never look like goku

  • Ghader Nasaluddin II

    Beerus had a Dreamed of super saiyan GOD i think he is the one that beerus spotted on his dream Last night ehheh😂😂😂

  • MizzDr Biggest Fan

    The timeline has been change and alter remember the butterfly effect; plus even if Goku got ill still (which didn’t) Chi Chi was two month pregnant at least when Goku was suppose to be ill (in May the same year) Goten would still be born.

  • MizzDr Biggest Fan

    I hope all you GT haters realize that Trunks and Black future happen 9 years after Goku final battle in GT .. There been many connection in Super to proof GT is canon

  • MizzDr Biggest Fan

    GT is canon; Akira Toriyama said no Super Saiyan (like 4) would happen in Super because it will in GT.
    Frieza goes to hell at the end of F’ when defeated by Vegeta; Goku kills Frieza in Hell in GT.
    Black & Future Trunks are shown 9 years after Goku final battle in GT. (Z Super proven GT timeline existence)
    Z Super timeline will finish it’s filler right before GT timeline starts.
    So on and So..

    • Maverick C. Lampano

      Yes it is canon
      But GT is not based on the original storyline…
      It’s non sense Super Saiyan 4 is just experimental
      Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (BLUE) is on a different tier.
      GOD KI logic

  • MizzDr Biggest Fan

    GT is canon; Akira Toriyama said no Super Saiyan (like 4) would happen in Super because it will in GT.
    Frieza goes to h3ll at the end of F’ when defeated by Vegeta; Goku kills Frieza in H3ll in GT.
    Black & Future Trunks are shown 9 years after Goku final battle in GT. (Z Super proven GT timeline existence)
    Z Super timeline will finish it’s filler right before GT timeline starts.
    So on and So…

    • Jaydoesminecraft Bor

      GT isn’t canon, Toriyama just made the design, and he said it himself GT isn’t canon.

  • shehryar

    Its not goten its ginyu

  • Shavon Just-Living

    I don’t think the Black Goku is The Makaioshin Demon. My theory number

    1, is this because in the future where trunks came from is from another
    universe. Lets say hes from another universe like beerus and champa and
    hes from champa universe 6 planet Vegeta. The Goku Black some how is a
    real Sayian but remember, when goku was born on universe 7 he was sent
    to earth to destroy it the 1st time but he bumped his head , &
    became good. Plus the Sayians was to go to every planet to destroy
    planets under command, so in the future on universe 6 Goku Black is
    really evil like original Son Goku but he becomes stronger and stronger
    going to planet to planet destroying it, and somehow stumble a pon The
    makaioshin and the Goku Black study among them and then he destroying
    all the planet. So he has a evil extent to study The Makaioshin power
    and take it for himself. I believe for him to fuse with another person
    The Makaishin you have to have the other earning but he only haves one
    earning on. So after Goku Black takes The Makaishin he discover other
    universes and he travel with in his time and visit all the universes
    where the ring then he travels to earth to fight the future trunks.
    Since trunks already told the story how he ran into Bobidee and Majian
    buu since he travel in the past before he already messed up his time
    line. So Goku black can be a god of destruction or he study the ways of
    being a god or he study under the Makaishins and they gave him the rings
    or earnings and became evil and The Makaishins couldn’t control him and
    Goku Black flees away doing his own thing.

    I mean Goku Black stumbles a pon The Supreme Kai’s not the Makaishins
    studyies underneath them learn there ways. Now remember the future
    Trunks doesn’t look like the past Trunks, the future Trunks have blue
    hair like Balma. So Goku Black studies underneath the Supreme Kai’s and
    they look different as well and like I said give Goku Black the powers
    of a Supreme Kai he takes everything he learns and run off because he
    becomes to powerful. So now the The supreme Kai’s on a look for GoKu

  • Nenad Spengler Milenovic

    Can u all pls STFU its not fucking GOTEN !!!

  • Catalin Razvan Botez

    First of all.. why Future Trunks never used the dragon balls for bringing Z fighters to life after he defeated Cell? If in the present Goku keeped his body after he died and was at North Kai planet for training , why in the future is not the same?
    And , talking about Future Trunks.. in the Android saga , he slayed Frieza with one hit and couldn`t handle that androids? Really? I think Frieza > Androids.
    About this “Black/Goku Black” or whatever you want to call him.. I don`t think it`s Goten , because even Beerus said “:Goku vs Goku” .. anyway he have one Potara earring so maybe he wants to fuse with somebody or was fused with somebody or idk.. something else is when Whis gave us a clue about Kaioshin .. and it must be something about that green Kaioshin from the begining of an episode.. who “falls in darkness”.. but we`ll see what will happen in the next 3 episodes.. Enjoy DB guys!

  • Sri Rohith Rao

    I think that’s future Goten….And he was a super saiyan at young age…He turned out to be powerful and some kai absorbed his body!

  • vegeta

    you guys really need to listen during episodes. Several times black refers to the saiyans in a context which means he is not one himself there he is none the current z fighters. A fusion with a saiyan but more likely something that possesses bodies like baby from gt.

    Bearing in mind super is supposed to re-write gt then baby didnt exist so this will be our 1st body possessor.

    • Maverick C. Lampano

      exactly! at last theres someone who has the same thinking as mine.

    • frescobar

      good theory

  • Mega Sega Fan

    it’s puar of the future shapeshifted as goku =p

  • Adem Isaku

    You guys are all forgetting there’s different universes. Black could be Goten from the twin universe from the future. Maybe that’s why the Earth in the other universe really got destroyed?

  • Leon-Junior Duister

    Thank u vegeta after watching the previous episode i relised that too as there is a part where black says his happy to be able to fight goku in that body and at the end he says he has taken gokus skill in his body now but it may be that the body his using is bardocks as in the movie about bardock it shows he has the power to move through time which means he might have gained kai abilities as well but we’ll just have to wait and see

  • NsaneKing

    Maybe Black Goku is twin brother of Goku, who is going from planet to planet and searching for sayians because of he might think they killed his brother – real Goku, whitch lost his memory in first episodes of DB. He might have black KI because of agner with builded up by time in search for him.

  • Tama_G

    Black seems evil so he could be a kaio shin from one of the six universe that was destroyed by omni king. His dress code, posture, earing and ring of time suggest he must be a kaio shin because bearus and whis mention that only kaio shin obtain the ring of time. And it seems like black is getting use to the ring. Plus he could have the power of shapeshifing like captain ginyu, he may have heard of goku and took his identity to frame goku for blacks crimes?

  • tom

    Black is a Kai from the 10th universe

  • ricky

    maybe he is that kai in the trunks arc opening anc whis did say only kia can use the ring of time btw earring look like different color

    • ricky


  • weedkill420

    bills told us who he was in episode 50. lol its who bills said he was. he fused himself with goku. black goku says i loved the power of goku’s body and the only one to use the ring on his hand is who bills said he was making him AKA black goku if its not goku’s body why is he named black goku.?

  • weedkill420

    bills told us who he was in episode 50. lol its who bills said he was. he fused himself with goku. black goku says i loved the power of goku’s body and the only one to use the ring on his hand is who bills said he was making him AKA black goku if its wasnt goku’s body why is he named black goku.?

  • Shawn

    I think black Goku could be a makaioshin who wants to be the best fighter and uses Gokus body.. remember he says i too want to fight with this body.. it’s most likely he doesn’t kno how to use his body cause Gokus transformation to super Saiyan is when he is good at heart like how ginyu tried.. Even the energy beams that he uses are almost similar to actual Gokus beams.. anyways waiting for 31st July to kno about black Goku.

  • jd

    maybe black is the father of goku; bardock, he was traveling back in time to. maybe that has something to do with the time-ring and the strange kai

  • Goten is my fav.

    there are 12 universes…
    and in 6 and 7 we saw freeza and his lookalike
    just like that there can be 12 goku’s and one of them showed up in the storyline..
    maybe one is evil and he is trying to fuse with the goku of all universes or something like that..
    sounds stupid, i know… but all r comming up with stupid theories..
    so why cant I ?

    anyway… from topics revealed from 51-54 episodes, we now know that clearly universe 10 is involved.

    the only fucking thing that disturbs my mind is.
    WHAT THE FUCK IS BEERUS AND OTHER KAI’s doing without helping TRUNKS future in his timeline ? atleast king kai could have provided a help. dumbass.

    btw, i miss the other world fighters like pikon and all ..
    pikon shud hav met picolo..

    then about this black goku theory…

    does anyone clearly know what hapnd to goku at the end of GT. ?
    its future right ?
    so there can be too many confusing twists to the story …

    and here I was searching for who TOBI was all this time, now TOBI got replaced by BLACK GOKU… lol.