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Dragon Ball Super Teases ‘Future Trunks Arc’ With Story Intro And Visual

Trunks faces the new enemy “Black” in the future

The official Twitter account of the Dragon Ball Super television anime series unveiled a new visual for the show’s upcoming “Future Trunks Arc” on Friday.

“The new arc will debut in the show’s 47th episode on June 12. The episode is titled “SOS From the Future! A New Black Enemy Reveals Himself!” The episode’s plot will start in the future when Earth is free from the Androids’ domination. A man named “Black” suddenly appears, and Trunks tries to defend himself. He is no match, even in his Super Saiyan form. Bulma is resolved to make a time machine and ask for help from Goku and Vegeta from the past, but after half a year, she only accumulated enough fuel for the time machine to make a one-way trip. Then, Black appears again before Bulma and Trunks.”



  • Suriya

    who is the girl? she looks like one of the characters in a group(forgive me I forgot) that want to steal from goku and the crew, android 17 or someone new. but still am excited for the arc because trunks is my favourite character and hope that they will do him justice.

    • Basemay

      Pretty sure is May from the pillaf gang that in the movie Battle of Gods was trunks’ “girlfriend”…she looked his age because her gang wished to be younger with the dragon balls so I think it is her!

      • UzumakiGoku

        I’m with you

      • Nemesis2290

        It’s gotta be her, but idk.
        The Dragon Balls were destroyed along with Piccolo when Trunks was still younger than he is in the current timeline.. And it can’t be Pan whom was never born due to Goku dying.

        Possibly Mai’s child, since she was in her 40s or so when Trunks was 9.

        • dbzfan

          Pan is Gohan’s daughter, not Goku’s. It was never shown in the previous future trunks arc if Gohan already had a relationship with Videl. It might as well be Pan, you never know. Maybe Videl got pregnant before Gohan was murdered by the Androids.

          • Raziel Deacloangellus Kaavnets

            Is everyone forgetting about Multi-timelines?

            When Trunks went back to the past, he screwed up history hardcore.

          • Xoxoxo

            What do you mean by multi-timelines? It still bothering me alot

    • Branden Messmer

      If not Mai (Pilaf’s assistant) its Probably Pan.

    • Ben Cigola

      It’s Mai from the peliof Gang

    • Yoeri Khyrian Jonker

      Yeah, she’s called Mai, she’s originally from Dragonball, and had a small role in GT + Battle of Gods

    • Jefferson811

      U must not pay attention

      • Suriya

        yeah sorry i know now it is mai.. I was just wondering.

  • Rodel Vivero

    she is mai..the underling of pilaf…idk the rest of the story, maybe mai and trunks are couple

    • Joshua Sumer

      Somewhat of a running joke.

      • Justin lancer

        Nah, the insignia on her trench coat is that of the pilaf gang. In this new timeline, they may have never been turned into children, thats why shes an adult like trunks. Also, some speculation from me, look at goku black. He has the potara fusion earing on, which means, that could be a goku fusion somehow, unless goku black has the other earing to put on to someone else in goku’s timeline. just food for thought

        • Josh

          Good eye, I didn’t notice that at first. But what I meant was that Trunks being his girlfriend is somewhat of a running joke.

        • Raziel Deacloangellus Kaavnets

          Impossible if that was the case, because Mai was an adult when Goku was a child. Therefore if she never turned into a child, she would be a hag, not a teenager/ adult.

          • Dylan Smith-Cole

            What if it’s future kid mai and future kid trunks. As in the future versions of the ones in super. Future trunks said there are multiple timelines, so what if that is kid trunks future counterpart.

          • Raziel Deacloangellus Kaavnets

            Still not possible, because when the pilaf gang made their wish, it was for eternal youth. Still poses an issue.

    • Anthony Ward

      .where is the original source saying that its Mai? cant find it. cheers

  • ortega

    look at the symbols it is mai no doubt


    Wow why is trunks hear blue like ssj god? Does this mean not even ssj God can beat this black goku? I can’t wait to see this arc. After many years the fans get to see future trunks again, many like myself wondered what became of trunks future after he defeated cell and the androids thus as the episode was entitled “free the future”.

    • Anon

      that’s what they changed his hair colour to.

  • Mel Gerow

    Anyone wondering how we can tell it’s Mai just look at the insignia on her trench coat sleeve. That is a clear indicator.

  • Archit Mittal

    it could be that pan saw mai die and took her coat and swore to avenge her or something. it isnt likely though.

    • Ricardo

      Can’t be pan, she was never born in the future because he died.

      • Casey Mcninch

        Different timeline yeah he wouldn’t of died

    • Khai

      Gohan died and no Pan was born.

  • Ryan Bennett

    I’m pretty sure this is a different timeline from our original Future Trunks. When he comes back the first time he says that even if he succeeds in helping them it will not change his future which means his future is untampered with. Mai being with him is probably a reference to what is going on now. The Pilaf gang has been turned into children and are no longer old, and its a going joke that Mai is suppose to be Trunks’s girlfriend, so I’m thinking that actually happened and Pilaf and Chu are dead in this future. What ever the case I think its going to be disappointing and not the original Trunks everyone wanted it to be, but more like the Trunks from GT.

    • FutureG0at

      I think he goes back to save people from dying in other timlines especially if the rumors about Bulma dying are tru

    • Joseph Wilson

      No bro no tbh its just toriyamma or wtfe u spell his name just forgetting stuff again

  • Omar Elmasri

    Why is Trunks’ hair blue and eyes are blue…. They’re supposed to be purple unless he can go SSG?

    • Joseph Wilson


  • Jefferson811

    This is goku from universe 6. How dod he get to earth on universe 7. Maybe this is trunks from universe 6 but how did he manage to get to earth7. Maybe goku helps goku black turn into ssj white or maybe goku from another universe comes and is able to defeat him and he is goku white.

    • Joseph Wilson

      Impossible why because trunks is still alive in universe 6 earth is dead and when in the android saga we saw that earth wasnt dead is just in bad condition but the storys says no to the universe theory

  • Ricardo

    Can’t be pan, she was never born in the future because Gohanndied, he never met videl in this time line.

    • Khai

      They can’t determine the difference between a Bonnet and Bandana lol

  • Gabriel Garces

    It’s Mai. Why would Pan need a gun lol

    • Khai

      They can’t determine the difference between a Bonnet and Bandana. lol

  • Sterling Armesto

    didn’t kid trunks like mai when she was a kid in that episode?

  • Khai

    Seems like Goku hit his head again and revert back from being bad. We all know that Goku was such a bad kid before until he fell and hit his head on a rock and became good as present. OR since he had that earring, maybe he fused on someone evil and take over all his personality. 😀