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Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 52 53 54 Details Revealed!

Jump preview for the month of July, 2016 revealed details for the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

The details are as follows:

Episode 51, July 10: “Feelings that Transcend Time: Trunks and Mai”
Goku Black, who looks just like Son Goku and who menaces future Earth, appeared in the present via time distortions. Right before Black was pulled back to the future by the closing time distortions, he destroys the time machine which Future Trunks rode in. However, the Bulma of the present had saved the time machine Cell rode inside a capsule. Goku and the gang resolve to repair that time machine and go to the future in pursuit of Black.


Episode 052, July 17: “Master and Pupil Reunion: Son Gohan and ‘Future’ Trunks”
Trunks is bewildered by Present Gohan!
Even though he’s from a different world, Future Trunks still wants to thank Gohan! Learning where Gohan can be found from Piccolo and co., Trunks goes off to meet him, but he’s shocked to find Gohan different than he expected.
Bulma This Week: Repairing the Time Machine!
Bulma does maintenance work on the time machine so that Future Trunks can return to his own world! She discoers that it gets its driving force from a particular energy?!


Episode 053, July 31: “Reveal Black’s True Identity! Now, Off to the Kaioshin Realm of Universe 10!”
After realizing that Black has the same ki as Zamasu, Universe 10’s apprentice Kaioshin, the God of Destruction Beerus and his attendant Whis head to Universe 10 together with Goku. In order to verify his ki, Goku challenges Zamasu (who distrusts humanity) to a battle, but…


Episode 054, August 7: “lnheritor of Saiyan Blood: Trunks’ Resolve”
Though they know that Zamasu and Black have extraordinarily similar ki, they are unable to obtain any proof that the two are the same person. Meanwhile, Vegeta tells the Trunks from the future “I’m going to give you some training”.


  • Timothy Rodowicz

    Who didn’t see all of this coming? Be honest.

    • Odinma Ndu

      I only saw the time travel part coming not that beerus and whis would come along

    • Nikon

      Right. The plot is so predictable

      • nick

        When has dragonball ever *not* been predictable?

        Dragonball is the Epic of our time. Just like how when you read Homer, you already “know” the story. That’s one of the conventions of the Epic.

        • Nikon

          How does a cartoon logic even compares to a anime logic? If you don’t get that irrelevant logic out of of here. That was a horrible comparison. Were talking about dragon ball super. Not the dragon ball franchise

  • Shamsuddin Channa

    So next 2 episodes are boring aswell. Man I want some fight.

    • faqih

      huhuhu same goes to me ,,

  • Shdow1 .

    How is this regarded as a better sequel than GT, just because the author is adding his name to it?

    • Paulius Kekys

      1st Because it is ways better than GT, also because it’s a better sequel to DB than DBZ ever was.

      2nd Toriyama only drafts the story, the details are written by other people

      • Najeeb Shah

        no its not , gts hate is illogical . The whole ssg concept is more off the mark than anything in GT

        purists spew venom for gt because it was not a manga adaptation from the maker

        • Carl

          It was also very depressing. Super is actually fun.

          • Najeeb Shah

            I liked the serious tone, Dbz had a serious tone too morr often than not. Super is too happy go lucky gay for my liking tbh

  • Needs more Future Mai.

    • Najeeb Shah

      meh we need less and less insignificant characters like the pilaf gang and more direct content .

      • Welp, the intro and cut-in say she’s significant.

        • Najeeb Shah

          Since when did the intro and cutin dictate inportance. An utterly Annoying character along with her gang that uses up screen time

          • I’m talking about Future Mai, but whatever.

            Still, If you’re not entertained by the Pilaf Gang, you must not have liked DB. A shame, really.

  • Authine

    trunks looks like a rapist to Present Mai

    • faqih


  • Authine

    then again mai is 30 but in a kids body

  • Brian Daniel Williams

    What i dont get is if gt isnt cannon why are pilof mai and the dog still kids. They were full grown in the original dragon ball.

    • Paulius Kekys

      It was told as a throwaway line early in DBS that they’ve successfully collected the Dragon Balls during the Android Saga but they were properly aged so they decided to ask for youth instead of ruling the world because if they did rule the world old they wouldn’t have much of it left

    • Najeeb Shah

      Gt and the films were brandes alternate realities by toi and akira

  • victor lopez

    i think everyone expects too much. i love all the series, gt and all.
    pan was annoying of course in gt but i still love all the series. even though it wasnt done by the original creator, i like Dragon Ball Absalon too….

  • faqih

    i think the next episode was interesting but too boring if not have fight scene

  • The Maniac Gamer HD


  • Lightlife

    My penis going bang for chichi