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Dragon Ball Super Episode 58,59,60,61 Titles and Details Revealed

Dragon Ball Super has revealed the episode titles and details for the upcoming episode 58, 59, 60 and 61.

September 11th
Dragon Ball Super Episode 58: Zamasu and Black: Their Mystery Deepens!

Goku and the gang have been defeated by Zamasu (the now immortal apprentice Kaioshin of Universe 10) and Goku Black (a mysterious warrior who looks just like Son Goku), but for the time being have returned to the present after being getting by Mai and Yajirobe. Meanwhile, present day Zamasu visits the all-knowing Zuno to ask him about the Super Dragon Balls.

September 18th

September 25th
Dragon Ball Super Episode 59: Protect Kaioshin Gowasu, Destroy Zamasu!
Since the future Zamasu had on a pair of Potara, which only Kaioshin are qualified to wear, Goku and co figure that the Universe 10 Kaioshin Gowasu’s life is in jeopardy. They immediately head for Universe 10.

October 2nd
Dragon Ball Super Episode 60: Back to the Future: Goku Black’s Identity Revealed

After finding proof that the present day Zamasu has murdered Gowasu, the God of Destruction Beerus destroys Zamasu. With present Zamasu destroyed, the future should be safe, but future Trunks still feels uneasy, and goes to the future to check things out.

October 9th
Dragon Ball Super Episode 61: Zamasu’s Ambition: Presenting the ‘Zero Mortals Plan’

No details.

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    No episode on September 18th, fuck!


      yeah man that sucks

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      Aye y’all some greedy asses xD lmao

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        Man, hate waiting for 2 weeks for a 23 mins episode, thats long!

        • Stefan

          Try waiting for Sherlock episodes 🙂

          • Eddy

            I’d rather stick with dbs

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        Heey There is still Dragon Ball Online Global to play when no new eipsode on the weekend

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    damn japanese holidays…..lol

  • episode 60… so zamasu was just a show off in order to make beerus look more deadliest

    • Mr. Cheesey

      I wouldnt say that. We already know Goku can mop the floor with present time Zamasu. Its more like its Beerus’ job to destory Zamasu for doing what he does, and besides, Beerus hasnt really done anything since BoG

  • Ghader Nasaluddin II

    in episode 61 i think future trunks is correct the future is not safe because of Black Goku he is not dead

    • Godó Viktor

      And Zamasu too. They only kill him in the present. In the future, he is still alive and happy. Just like in the Z series… Despite the Androids were killed in the present, it had no effect in the future.

  • Leviathan

    After the matches between Universes 6&7 Beerus won the Super Dragonballs and wished for another earth to be formed in universe 6 as a gift to his fatty Kin… Thus Black could be a copy of Goku living there in universe 6 on copy-Earth!

  • spiros0729

    there is something i dont get…. present zamasu is from universe 10 right? how did he apear in future trunks timeline which is considered to be the future of universe 7…

    • Eddy

      Because zamasu met goku

    • jourdan

      The one who appeared in future trunks timeline is not the present zamasu

  • Vinny

    Umm fellas…. I honestly think goku needs more peepee for his bunghole what yous think?