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Dragon Ball Super Episode 62, 63, 64, 65 Titles & Summaries Revealed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 62, 63, 64, 65 Titles & Summaries for Episode 62 and 63 has been revealed along with their release dates. The information can be seen below:

October 16
Episode 62: I’ll Protect the World! Trunks’ Angry Super Power Explosion!!
Son Goku and co. have eliminated the Zamasu in the present, but the future still hasn’t changed. In order to defeat Zamasu and Goku Black for sure this time, Goku and co. have come to the future once again, but Zamasu and Goku Black’s battle power far surpasses their own. Future Trunks tries to stand against them, but they accuse him “you are the cause of it all.”
Super Trunks has a tough fight tackling Goku Black and Zamasu. While he holds them off, Goku and co. return to the present. Vegeta says “we can’t beat them in a head-on battle”, but Piccolo replies “in that case, there is one thing you can do.”

October 23
Episode 63:
“Don’t Defile Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta’s Intense Battle!!”
While Future Trunks faces off against Zamasu and Black, Goku and Vegeta temporarily return to the world of the present in order to think of a way to defeat them. As Goku and Vegeta search for a method of defeating Zamasu and Black, Piccolo says “you might be able to defeat them with the Mafuba.”
Although Trunks puts his life on the line battling against Zamasu and Goku Black in order to protect the world of the future, Goku Black inflicts critical damage on him, and is about to finish him off. However, at that moment Goku and Vegeta return to the battlefield.

October 30
Episode 64: “Praise and Adore Him! The Explosive Birth of Merged Zamasu!!”

November 6
Episode 65: “Final Judgement?! The Supreme God’s Ultimate Power”


  • xCosminXx


    • Eddy

      Me neither?!!!!!!!!

  • Lolleman

    are we going to see fusion???!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Eddy


      • Eddy

        Gowasu will surely give Goku & Vegeta the fusion earing!

        • Ty Moss

          Its not, the Potra (Vegito) fusion–is permanent As to Gogeta being temporary. So we’ll most likely see Gogeta instead!

          • TehMighty

            We literally just was Kibito and the Supreme Kai being defused by the Dragonballs a few episodes ago. If that isn’t foreshadowing i don’t know what is.

            There’s also the fact that Gogeta only exists in the movies and GT(which was horrible and not Canon anyway).

  • XfusionAddictionzX

    I think were going to see ssgss gogeta!!!!!!!!!!!?!???????????????

    • TehMighty

      If we’re going to see fusion, its going to be Vegito.

      • Ty Moss

        Its not, the Potra (Vegito) fusion–is permanent As to Gogeta being temporary. So we’ll most likely see Gogeta instead.

        • DB4Lyfe

          Lol Potara makes Gogeta Fusion dance makes Vegito Get it right

          • Gogeta

            Get it right?? LOL Get yourself right first dude..

        • r

          their pals with boo and various gods now they can get it undone

    • Vegito

      Actually, I will appears in episode 66 when Goku and Vegeta borrow Potara earrings from the Kaioshins while they are in the future..

  • Sai 117

    it’s CONFIRMED no Fusion between Goku and Vegeta mark my words

    • |YURI|

      yep Vegeta will don’t accept anymore fusions, even that to cost his live.

      • joethekrow

        i think he would do a fusion to save bulma and trunks. only way he would tho

  • doing your mom

    trunks and Venita

  • praveen

    we are not going to see any sort of fusion… vegita and goku will reach their ultimate form(NORMAL FORM)….considering SS,SSG,SSGSS all forms energy is coming from the same body…so the normal human form is going to be an ultimate form with some small changes…

    • Taylor Frek

      Goku and Vegeta are going to fuse. They script recording for the middle of this week and at the top of the list of the completed things were the voice acting for goku and vegeta being synced. It means there’s a fusion afoot.

  • grumpycat

    When are we gonna see goku ring the bell given to him by the All King? He would be the fastest solution to the Zamasu problem one would think, but then there would be no story.

    • abdurahman

      And plus zamasu said he killed all the gods goods and plus he’s immortal

  • EpicDeathDestroyer

    Let me give a spoiler to everyone who thinks there wont be a fusion: You are wrong, vegito is coming back, you probably saw the latest episode so it’s time to revoke your statement about no fusion. Get outplayed.