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Dragon Ball Super Episode 66-69 Spoilers and Details

Information has been revealed about upcoming episodes for Dragon Ball Super.


Episode 66 (13 November)
Showdown! The Unyielding Warriors’ Miraculous Power:

Trying to complete the “0 Mortals Plan” on future Earth, Zamasu has merged with Goku Black, becoming a radiant god. Although Son Goku and co. bravely challenge him, Zamasu’s power is overwhelming. Unable to defeat Zamasu, Goku makes a certain suggestion to Vegeta.
The fierce battle with Merged Zamasu continues. Though wounded from head to toe, Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks refuse to give up. Will these three super warriors manage to find a chance for victory?!


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Goku and Vegeta have their backs to the wall! What strategy do they use to challenge Merged Zamasu?!
Merged Zamasu showed off his overwhelming power to Goku and Vegeta. What strategy do the two work out to face him?!
Bulma this week: can she fix the broken time machine?!
While Goku and co. battle Merged Zamasu, Bulma goes about repairing the time machine Zamasu destroyed, so that it’ll be ready in a pinch. After his ring of light is broken by Goku’s life-risking attack, something strange happens to Merged Zamasu.


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Episode 67 (20 November)
Fill Your Heart with New Hope!! Farewell, Trunks:

Will they be able to protect the future?! The final battle with Zamasu! Powered by the hopes of humanity, Trunks strikes back at Zamasu! But while Zamasu was supposed to be defeated, he instead loses his physical body, and begins spreading out and covering the sky!!
Goku this week: finding the last ace up his sleeve to counter Zamasu?! Now that Zamasu has lost his physical body, Goku and co. are once more in dire straits. Just as all hope seems lost, Goku finds something in his pocket…

Episode 68 (November 27th)
“Title undecided”. No description Available.

Episode 69 (December 4th)
“Title undecided”. No description Available.

Extra information:

Merged Zamasu will just be voiced by Miki; it won’t be a double voice à la Vegetto or Gotenks
Horikawa and Nozawa performed merged dialogue in a recording session the other day
The jar Trunks repairs might end up saving the future?
The new chapter from an original draft by Toriyama will be exhibited at Jump Festa in December (17-18)


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