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Nanbaka Anime Season 2 Confirmed By Crunchyroll

There will be no break between the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2 and the anime will follow it’s current schedule too.

The second season of Nanbaka will have 12 episodes in total. The official website for the anime also revealed a new visual which can be seen below:


Crunchyroll confirmed on Tuesday that it will continue streaming the Nanbaka anime into its second season with no breaks, and with the same schedule in January.

Unlike the first 13-episode season which is now airing on Japanese television until December, the second season will run weekly on digital services in Japan, starting with the d Anime Store (Docomo Anime Store) on January 4. The first episode of the new season, episode 14, will also be available on the anime’s official website for free.