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All Gods of Destruction And Their Universe Revealed For Dragon Ball Super And Ultimate Gohan!

Earlier we reported on the identity, names and details of two new Gods of Destruciton for the Universe Survival Arc of Dragon Ball Super.

Now the new leaks from Jump magazine has information on every God of Destruction, their names, and their designated universe.
Translations are by: Twitter.com/KenXyro



With this, every God of Destruction has been revealed.

Their names are puns on various alcoholic drinks. Starting with Universe 1 we have:

Ivan: A russian vodka by the same name or a play on “Wine”
Jerez: A play on “Sherry”
Moscow: Probably the cocktail made of vodka, referred to as Moscow Mule
Quitela: Tequila
Arak: Levantine alcoholic spirit in the anis drinks family. Usually referred to as Arak or Araq
Champa: Champagne
Beerus: Beer
Liqueur: Alcoholic beverage of the same name
Sidra: Cider
Rumush: Rum
Vermouth: Wine of the same name
Gin: Famous alcoholic beverage of the same name

There was another leak which suggested Gohan coming back stronger than ever before. The leak can be seen below:

  • Esteban Franchina

    Kitera could be a play on words. It has all the silables of Tequila. Te ki ra.

    • connors cosette

      i think they are fan of detective conan lol , i mean “Gin” “Vermouth” and ur “Tequila” i mean wow

      • Rocky_Laroux

        Also Beer(us) Champa(gne) lol they’re all some type of drink or related to one

        • Mark Searles

          Ermm yh we already knew that as it explains above and shows the list in which god name represents what alcoholic beverage lol

      • Rocky_Laroux

        Jerez is the name of a Spanish sherry

  • Ben

    so confused. I though universes whos numbers added to 13 mirrored each other is why 7 and 6 both have cat gods of destruction. None of these gods seem to have anything in common with their mirror counterparts.

    • Matt

      Their is still question of whether the gods are given the role or born into the role so it could be that both champa and beerus both got lucky and got those roles. The universes are to mirror each other yes but never said about the gods.

      • denzyl

        no there isn’t

      • SuperHumanBlue

        They are not born, i think champa and beerus was brothers so they probs trained together. And the most powerful people gets chosen.

    • Rick Nguyen

      you’re right, they did say that in the anime. they fucked up haha

    • Toriyama himself have confessed in an interview to forget things. Therefore, being one of the answers to why the colours of the hair kept changing.

    • Adem Isaku

      Theyre not born into being the god of destruction they are given the role. Proof is when Whis asks Vegeta to be the next god of destruction and whis started training him because he agreed.

      • SuperHumanBlue

        he never asked vegeta to be the next god, vegeta begged whis and eventually was allowed by bribing using food. But the proof would be that toppo is the next god of destruction..

        • Dan Robinson

          Yeah he really did ask him, just watched that episode, but it is weird how they should be mirrored universes and only 6-7 are the simular ones…

          • Khizar Shahid

            no wait if there was 16 universe in start how did they paired up to form 13?

          • Prathamesh Naik

            there were 18 universes in the beginning.
            but zeno removed 6 of them from existence..
            hence beerus tells goku to beware of zeno in order to not get erased from existence!

    • CPT Who

      Back at the first inter-universe tournament, they said that each universe had a counterpart, but 6 and 7 were unique because they were only pair that was so similar to each other. (And also the only two that had dragonballs, even the super dragonballs.)

  • Eddy

    So hyped to see Gohan back in action!

  • Bleeping Bobby

    Where is the Eagle/Vulture God ANubis, am I amiss?God Cat but not God Vulture.There should be a human God Anunaki(God of Giants ,egyptians, Hyperboreeans etc, men slaves), Alien God Zeta Reticuli. Alien God Draco/Dragon(reptile universe). Why not add that up instead?!

  • mohammed nazal

    i have a Q: so in ep 81 they said that super sayin blue’s scent is a power that defies the gods.
    does that mean that there is more super sayin blue scent in other universes ??? something like god of living or creations????

  • Edgaras Mugenis

    six universes have been destroyed so where is all the evil resentment go that would be fun to find out