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Sanrio Danshi Anime Announced To Air On TV

The official Twitter account of the producer of Sanrio’s Sanrio Danshi (Sanrio Boys) project announced on Wednesday that the project’s upcoming anime adaptation will be a television anime. More details about the anime will be released on Friday’s Sanrio Expo event.

The project’s plot follows Kōta Hasegawa, a high school boy that loves the yellow Pom Pom Purin dog. By mere coincidence, he ends up attending the same school as Yū Mizuno, a boy who likes the bunny My Melody. Yū tells Kōta that there’s nothing to be ashamed of for liking Sanrio’s cute characters. Together, Kōta, Yū, Shunsuke Yoshino, Ryō Nishimiya, and Seiichiro Minamoto learn to accept their love of the characters instead of feeling embarrassed.