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Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 85 86 Details Revealed!!

Recently, information about Dragon Ball Super 84 85 and 86 were revealed. With the Tournament of Power coming close, Goku continues his search for the members of his team. This will probably continue in the upcoming episodes.

    Episode 84 (2 April)

Son Goku the Recruiter Invites Krillin and No. 18
スカウトマン孫悟空 クリリンと18号を誘う
Sukautoman Son Gokū Kuririn to Jūhachi-gō wo Sasō

In order to gather team members for the “Tournament of Power”, Goku and Gohan first visit Kuririn. While Kuririn agrees to participate, No.18 refuses, so Goku lies and says that there’s a 10 million zenny prize if they win.

Animedia Summary:

As the “Tournament of Power” which they can’t afford to lose approaches, Vegeta and Bulma have had their second child. With now one more thing to protect, Goku puts even more effort into selecting the members to compete. In the midst of this, Goku goes to Kuririn and Android No. 18’s home.

    Episode 85 (9 April)

The Universes Get Into Gear: Each One’s Thoughts
動き出す宇宙 それぞれの思惑
Ugokidasu Uchū Sorezore no Omowaku


While heading over to God’s [Dende’s] temple to look for No. 17, Goku spots Majin Buu. He ends up sparring with Buu, who’s slimmed down after training nonstop for the tournament.

Animedia Summary:

Goku visits the god Dende in order to learn the location of Android No. 17. Meanwhile, the Kaiōshin of all the universes participating in the “Tournament of Power” gather in Universe 11.


    Episode 86 (16 April)

“No.17 will be appearing in Super starting with ep.86, airing April 16th.”