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Overlord TV Anime Season 2 Confirmed!!

At the screenings of 2nd compilation film – Overlord: Shikkoku no Senshi (Overlord: The Dark Warrior), Overlord season 2 was announced! The first compilation film, Overlord: Fushisha no Ō (Overlord: The Undead King), opened in Japan on February 25. (The films’ titles are also the titles of the first two …

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Toei Reveals Personalities Of Even More Gods!

Earlier today toei website was updated with the details of various Kaioshins and Gods of Destructions. The website is of course in Japanese but the information has been translated by the Dragon Ball community. You can read the translations below: Toei website updated with details on the Kaioshins and the …

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Killing Bites Anime Confirmed By Shogakukan Magazine

The April issue of Shogakukan’s Monthly Hero’s magazine confirmed on Wednesday that illustrator Kazasa Sumita (Witchblade Takeru) and storywriter Shinya Murata’s (Jackals) Killing Bites manga is getting an anime adaptation. Shogakukan has opened a website and a Twitter account for the franchise. Japanese online retailer 7net had previously previewed the …

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